Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

BASIconsult, in collaboration with locally-based colleagues, offers specialized consulting services geared to the needs of those working in or with the countries of Central Asia and the South Caucasus in the following areas:

States and the machinery of state (statehood): Law, order and state security; democracy and human rights; corruption; the public finances; regionalization; the urban-rural divide; rulers and elite groups; formal and informal institutions;  internal and external conflicts; conflict prevention and conflict management; civil protection;

Economy and development: The economic system and its sectors; economic policies; the banking and financial system; foreign trade; transport and traffic; water  management, energy politics, poverty and the fight against poverty, vocational and professional training; migration and development; regional development; development cooperation; financial cooperation, development and the environment; tourism; information and communication technologies, telecommunications;

Society: The education system; healthcare; social security; gender issues; minorities; young people; culture and cultural policy; contemporary arts; the status of religion(s); migrant workers and demographic challenges; media monitoring service at both the national and regional level.

Consulting is offered in the form of:

Brief, compact written analyses of current events and developments in your target country. In preparing these, we are guided by your own questions. These analytical reports provide you with necessary background information. Where required, they also include recommendations on how your own action strategies might be adapted. You can also opt for an oral briefing on your chosen topic, or a discussion of the topic.

Well-founded studies which elaborate a given subject area in line with the terms of reference you lay down for us. Studies are prepared in three stages: in the first step, you receive a sketch of the study which is to be carried out (a sort of roadmap for the study) with various suggestions for solutions; in the second step, a first draft of the study is prepared and sent to you; once we have received your questions and notes after you have read the draft, a final version of the study is prepared and dispatched to you;

Practically-oriented expert reports on projects in or involving your target country. These reports can be useful both for projects that have already been realized and for those that are still at the planning stage. The content and structure of such reports are determined largely by the specific questions they sets out to address;

Expertise “on the ground”: We can provide you with expertise “on the ground” in one or more Central Asian or Caucasian countries if you need to make on-the-spot decisions during your stay there.